2023 Xiamen Construction machinery parts Exhibition
Release Time:2023-07-20 16:39:24

On July 7, 2023, SANSE MACHINERY had the honor to participate in Xiamen Construction Machinery and Equipment Expo.


Mr. Wu Zhiming, Chairman of Fujian Provincial Civil Construction Committee, Mr. Wang Lianzan, Mayor of Nan 'an Municipal People's Government, Mr. Chen, Deputy Director of Xiamen Municipal Commerce Bureau, Mr. Cao Chen, General Manager of China Automobile Industry Parts Sales Co., LTD., Mr. Huang Quanchun, Secretary of Nan 'an Economic Development Zone, Mr. Wang Alain, President of Fujian Chamber of Commerce of Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Industry, and Mr. Lin Chenglai, Founding President of Quanzhou Machinery Parts Industry Association Mr. Nguyen Yulong, Chairman of Vietnam Fulong Construction Machinery Co., LTD., Mr. Jebir Fadillah, representative of Algerian purchaser, Mr. Zheng Zhishun, General manager of Quanzhou Baolong Exhibition Co., LTD., and other leaders attended the opening ceremony.


This exhibition is the bridge and link connecting the major intelligent manufacturing equipment, construction machinery parts manufacturers, dealers and agents, and has quickly become the most influential, largest and highest-grade industry event in the country. This exhibition aims to further enhance the industrial upgrading of manufacturing equipment and construction machinery parts industry, promote the accelerated rise of emerging industries and the rapid growth of potential industries, and will certainly drive the development and progress of China's new round of intelligent manufacturing industry.